Basically, we support the D.I.Y.-ethic, and we always appreciate it a lot, if somebody uses tracks of YACØPSÆ for compilation tapes/ CD-Rs, etc. Nevertheless, we think it’s just fair to be informed/ requested in advance, and to have a free copy of the published result, at last. In some cases it didn’t happen, so here’s a kind of „wantlist“ of several releases, we accidentally discovered in the depths of the net. If there’s anybody out there, who’s able to organize a copy of the listed items below, he’ll be rewarded.


VARIOUS ARTISTS - ''Pomracitev Uma'' TAPE

This one’s been released by a label from Croatia, called SKIROCORE (approximately 1996). The guy who released it, did an interview with us for his fanzine (called SKIROCORE, as well). Though he send a free copy of the mag, he never mentioned the tape. Among AGATHOCLES, ROT, REGURGITATE, VIOLENT HEADACHE, AMEN, SCRAWL, PATARENI, BUKA, NOISESLAUGHTER, FILTHY CHARITY, ARSEDESTROYER, PSYCHO, SELFISH, MEAT SHITS (…), CRIPPLE BASTARDS, HIATUS, DOOM, IMPETIGO, W.B.I., ACOUSTIC GRINDER, FORÇA MACABRA, and tons of other bands, you’ll discover YACØPSÆ’s „Krank ist normal„.

V/A – “A DOG ISN’T A TOY“ TAPE (1997)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - ''A dog isn't a toy'' TAPE

VARIOUS ARTISTS - ''A dog isn't a toy'' TAPE (A)

Another tape we never heard of before. Released by YELLOW DOG RECORDS/ Germany. Including DISKONTO, ENEMY SOIL, WARSORE, AUTORITÄR, ENTRAILS MASSACRE, BOMBSTRIKE, LACERATION, SENSELESS APOCALYPSE, INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL, UNCURBED, ARGUE DAMNATION, etc. Here, we „contributed“ our classic „Plakativ korrekt„.


VARIOUS ARTISTS - ''Goregrind vs. Grindcore'' TAPE

Released by BARULHEIRA RECORDS from Brasil, and featuring really „cool“ so-called Goregrind-acts, which we won’t mention here. No idea, why he choosed YACØPSÆ (do we play „Grindcore“?). Perceptual disturbance, dude?