Our „branch office“:

This one’s under destruction (as well as our main page), but will be upgraded and supplemented with our whole discography (even with all the early crappy and unreleased rehearsal-stuff). Could be interesting (or annoying) to check it out from time to time.

Post scriptum: Somehow, Bandcamp sucks ass! We placed tons of material on that site (downloadable for free, that was the idea behind), but Bandcamp permitted just 200 free downloads each month. Obviously, those free downloads are exhausted within a few days, but afterwards, Bandcamp automatically turns every album into a status with costs (7 € – it’s so ridiculous). Well, we’re not able to reset every month all that stuff on zero. So we decided to keep it on the possibly lowest level (except the regular longplayers, which you can get for a fair price of 5 bucks). Even if you don’t want to download the stuff, you nevertheless are able to listen to it. Sorry for the circumstances.

YACØPSÆ - ''Noise, not music''