Ok, here we go, folks! Please welcome to the very first photo-session in the band’s history (I suppose, it was in early October 1990). Partly, we did it in front of the evangelical youth center „MaBu“ („Marienburg“), located in Wentorf, a suburb, eastward of Hamburg/ Germany, where we used to rehearse within the first one and a half years. Some snapshots were done inside while making noise or just hangin‘ around. Later, in June 1991, we played our third show at the „MaBu“ open air-festival (the stage was positioned in front of the windows, at the right side of the house) and got a good recording from the mixing desk, which we’d used for the split tape with NOISESLAUGHTER (published in April 1992). At the backside of the house, we’d given our very first interview for a strange’n’freaky old spazz, collecting stuff for an independent radio station in Hamburg („Offener Kanal“). Pattex’s part has been placed on the „Discoregraphy“ 2 x CD. By the way, the evangelical venue still exists as a kind of nursery/ pre-school, but there’s no more possibility for local bands to practise, due to annoyed neighbours.

02. YACØPSÆ - ''Marienburg, Wentorf bei Hamburg'' (Markiert)

Down in the first floor, on the left side – everything’s started here!

01. YACØPSÆ - ''Marienburg, Wentorf bei Hamburg'' (Gesamtansicht)    03. YACØPSÆ - ''Marienburg, Wentorf bei Hamburg'' (Eingang)

01. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Stoffel + Pattex)    02. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Stoffel + Pattex)

03. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Stoffel)    04. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Stoffel)

05. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Pattex)    06. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Pattex)

07. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Pattex)    08. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Pattex)

09. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Stoffel)    10. YACØPSÆ - ''Allererste Fotosession'' (Stoffel)

Some more „historical“ photos, strong connected with our early development. This is the legendary youth center „Kora“, located in Lohbrügge, a part of the eastern district of Hamburg (Bergedorf), close to the afore mentioned suburb Wentorf. Back in the early 80’s, this venue has been one of the few remaining locations, which was still setting up punk rock shows in Hamburg. During the years, a couple of more or less well-known bands played here: SUBHUMANS (U.K.), TORPEDO MOSKAU, NEGAZIONE, ZERO BOYS, KOTZBROCKEN, HH-MILCH, MONDIAL, N.V. LE ANDEREN, CHRONICAL DIARRHOEA (pre-7 INCH BOOTS/ BOHREN UND DER CLUB OF GORE), PUKE (Sweden), TOXIC REASONS, RAZZIA, MOLOTOW SODA, BLAGGERS I.T.A., STAGE BOTTLES, NOISESLAUGHTER, ENTRAILS MASSACRE, LA CRY, and many more. Some people said, even DEAD KENNEDYS played here within their very first European tour (1981), but it has never been confirmed, so probably it was just a rumor. As well, YACØPSÆ played here their very first show at a birthday party, back in January 1991. In the same room, we recorded our first demo tape, the „Krank ist normal“ 7″ EP and the split 7″ EP with ACTIVE MINDS. At last, after movin‘ out off the „MaBu“, we rehearsed here for a while. Around 1994 or 1995, we went to the practise place in Börnsen (another shitty suburb in our area), where we’re still doin‘ noise, nowadays … By the way, the building still exists, but instead of a youth center, you’ll now discover a kind of pre-school (focussed on speech therapies).

.01. YACØPSÆ - ''Juz Kora, Hamburg-Lohbrügge, Germany''    02. YACØPSÆ - ''Juz Kora, Hamburg-Lohbrügge, Germany''

03. YACØPSÆ - ''Juz Kora, Hamburg-Lohbrügge, Germany''    04. YACØPSÆ - ''Juz Kora, Hamburg-Lohbrügge, Germany''

Here are some cute snapshots of the photo-session for the very first demo tape. Somehow, most of the pics disappeared for unknown reasons, so only a few remain … Perhaps, some stuff might be well hidden in the cupboard and just need to be scanned. We’ll check and add it, no worries. The pics were done by formerly drummer Pattex in an adjoining room of the „MaBu“, some day in early 1991.

02. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zum 1. Demo''    01. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zum 1. Demo''

Ok, another shitty photo-session. Done by Gabi, Stoffel’s girlfriend at that time (1993). We just needed a few snapshots for the artwork of the „Krank ist normal“ 7″ EP, so Gabi came along to watch our rehearsal and to do some pics, no big deal …

01. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zur ''Krank ist normal'' 7'' EP''    02. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zur ''Krank ist normal'' 7'' EP''

03. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zur ''Krank ist normal'' 7'' EP''    04. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zur ''Krank ist normal'' 7'' EP''

05. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zur ''Krank ist normal'' 7'' EP''    06. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zur ''Krank ist normal'' 7'' EP''

07. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zur ''Krank ist normal'' 7'' EP''    08. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zur ''Krank ist normal'' 7'' EP''

09. YACØPSÆ - ''Foto-Session zur ''Krank ist normal'' 7'' EP''