Hey-Ho! Back on the map, and finally the first update since a couple of months. For some reason, we’ve been way too active on Facefuck (Emu and Manuel are still into it), because it just was more easy to spread some news and announcements instead of „programming“ the blog. Nevertheless, I (Stoffel) still hate Facefuck, and this site will be always the real „homebase“ of our shitty band. So stay tuned!

Okay, what’s new?

We’re still working hard on a new full album. „Musically“ we got enough new songs, just the lyrics have to be included. You may expect a mix between our albums „Einstweilige Vernichtung“ and „Tanz, Grosny, tanz …“. More stop’n’go parts, more imbedded sludge parts, and more speed, of course … The studio will be entered at the end of 2017.

Last but not least, check our „Upcoming shows“ section!! Next show in two days (and for the very first time in Hungary)!! Check this for details:


Old, but still valid: The pic below is one of the very first shots of our new line-up. On the way to our show in Baltimore/ USA (at the „Maryland Death Fest“), we accidentally shared the van with the legendary black metal horde ANGELCORPSE. To do a picture together was obligatory. We’re still stoked about the (visual) contrast, though ANGELCORPSE were nice guys (even if they didn’t speak that much).
By the way, we’re still looking for the footage of our show at MDF 2016. Almost 1000 people went nuts in front of the stage and nobody recorded it? Every useless crap can be seen on Youtube, but this show simply doesn’t exist? Hard to believe … If there’s anybody out there who’s able to send us a copy of the concert, he’ll be rewarded! 

img_20160527_182942Still in progress, but on the way out off the pressing plant (October 2017): FRONTCORE RECORDS and BUS POP are going to release a 12″ LP compilation with some great’n’rare 80’s/ 90’s punk rock/ hardcore/ grindcore/ noisecore from around the globe (limited to 250 copies). This one’s called „Paranoia ohne Straßenbahn„, and most of the stuff will be on vinyl for the very first time. The following bands are taking part: DAMNED BOBBY AND THE HOMICIDES (a.k.a. WILDBAD BAHNHOF), RISIKOFAKTOR, GARNETT, VOMITING BASTARD CORPSE, INTENSIFFSTATION, DESKARRIADOS (Venezuela), POLIKARPA Y SUS VICIOSAS (Colombia), DER FAUSTMÖRDER, HUMANITÄR, GARNETT, T.H.C., CHAOSFRONT, DELIRIUM, NOISESLAUGHTER, THE LOST LYRICS, MONDIAL and YACØPSÆ (contributing their one-second-classic „Bundeswehr„). Here’s a preview of the cover, so watch out! V/A „Paranoia ohne Straßenbahn“ 12″ LP