„On a trip with RAZZIA“. Hanging out with one of the best Punk bands on Planet Earth. Stoffel did an interview with RAZZIA for the long lasting TRUST-fanzine from Bavaria (back in August 2010). Shame on him, he still didn’t finish typing the whole session (almost one and a half hour) due to beein‘ way too busy in the meantime (Sorry, guys, but it will be released, no worries!).  Bass-player Sören has been the perfect host and prepared his garden for the session. Even Andreas (guitar) and Bernhard (keyboard) were really cool’n’funny persons.

02. YACØPSÆ - Stoffel + RAZZIA    04. YACØPSÆ - Stoffel + RAZZIA

06. YACØPSÆ - Stoffel + RAZZIA    07. YACØPSÆ - Stoffel + RAZZIA

08. YACØPSÆ - Stoffel + RAZZIA    09. YACØPSÆ - Stoffel + RAZZIA

Partying with the guys of ATHENA (Turkey) @ Logo, Hamburg/ Germany, March 2011. From left to right: Burak Gürpınar (Drums), Gökhan Özoğuz (Vocals), Stoffel, unknown girl, Hakan Özoğuz (Guitar), and Ozan Musluoğlu (Bass).

03. YACØPSÆ + ATHENA - ''@ Logo, Hamburg, 10.03.2011''    02. YACØPSÆ + ATHENA - ''@ Logo, Hamburg, 10.03.2011''

04. YACØPSÆ + ATHENA - ''@ Logo, Hamburg, 10.03.2011''